Keep more profits

even if you're away from a computer

Dottabot is a trailing stop bot: it automatically moves your cryptocurrency orders when the price moves favorably, so you protect the profits on your trades without constant babysitting

Configure Trailing Stops with a Visual Editor

Configure your stop levels with a visual editor.

Pick a configuration and drag the parameters to get an interactive simulation of where your stops could have been moved.

No confusing code editors. No configuration files.

Set your desired parameters, enabled the watcher, and let Dottabot do the rest.

If the price moves up, your stops will be moved up automatically. It's that easy.




I don’t have enough coding experience to read through lines of code on bots out there.

And setting continuous stop-limit orders is a pain in the backside.

So a visual automated tool is very interesting. I like it.

Dottabot gives me the peace of mind that I won't miss out on a favorable pump, which ultimately makes me more money.

God bless you for building this thing Dotta. For real.

Telegram Alerts

Dottabot has a built-in Telegram interface that is private only to you.

Dottabot is connected directly to the exchange using your API keys, so you can stay up-to-date with your position balances and stop-levels in real time.

If one of your stops hit, Dottabot will let you know right away. You're never left in the dark wondering if your stops were hit.

And Dottabot's alert setting is automatic so you don't have to constantly move alerts around on TradingView.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll find Dottabot useful that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, let us know and transfer the license-token back to us within 30 days and you'll be refunded your entire purchase price (USD pegged, not including gas fees).

Some restrictions apply. See here for details.


2 watchers
Billed every year or Ξ0.065 ETH month-to-month
10 watchers
Billed every year or Ξ0.165 ETH month-to-month
30 watchers
Billed every year or Ξ0.325 ETH month-to-month
Unlimited watchers
Billed every year or Ξ0.975 ETH month-to-month
Number of simultaneous watchers
Number of simultaneous watchers21030Unlimited
GDAX (coming soon)
GDAX (coming soon)
Cryptopia (coming soon)
Cryptopia (coming soon)
EtherDelta (coming soon)
EtherDelta (coming soon)
Fixed Drawdown
Fixed Drawdown
Bollinger Bands (coming soon)
Bollinger Bands (coming soon)
ATR (coming soon)
ATR (coming soon)
Telegram integration
Telegram integration 
Stops-hit notifications
Stop-hit notifications
Currency Base-pair markets
Currency Base-pairs markets 
ETH (coming soon)
ETH (coming soon)
USDT (coming soon)
USDT (coming soon)



What does Dottabot do?

Dottabot connects to an exchange and places cryptocurrency orders on your behalf. It depends on the configuration, but the Trailing Stop functionality will attempt to move your stop orders up, if the price moves favorably

How does Dottabot work?

At a high level, you enter your API keys and specify coins you want Dottabot to watch. Then Dottabot will monitor prices and move your orders if the price moves favorably.

Where does Dottabot run?

Dottabot is a desktop app that runs on your computer.

This means your computer must be on and Dottabot must be running in order for it to update your stops.

Why is Dottabot necessary?

Because cryptocurrency markets trade 24/7 and you can't always be around to take profits if the price moves in your favor.

Dottabot allows you to capture profits that you might have missed if you were away from your computer.

What type of orders does Dottabot place?

It depends on your configuration, but when available, Dottabot will place conditional stop limit orders.

However, some exchanges (such as Cryptopia) do not support conditional orders. So you must check the particular configuration in the app for specific details.

What is a "trailing stop"?

A "regular" stop is when you decide to sell if the price reaches a particular price level. A trailing stop 'trails' the price, that is, if the price moves favorably, then the stop is moved with it.

The idea is that if the price subsequently moves unfavorably, then the position is exited, hopefully within profit.


Does Dottabot open new positions for me?

No. You make your own entries and Dottabot manages your sell orders, colloquially known as "stops". That is, Dottabot will open new orders (and cancel old ones) for positions you already hold to attempt to protect profits when price moves favorably.

Is Dottabot a scalping bot?

No. Dottabot is not designed to guess profitable trades. It only moves orders on positions you already hold.


Am I guaranteed to make a profit?

No, of course not. Dottabot doesn't magically create profits and we don't guarantee that the price will move favorably.

Cryptocurrency trading is one of riskiest types of investments and prices can always move against you resulting in a loss.

What are the risks to using Dottabot?

Dottabot places cryptocurrency trading orders with your funds and so all of normal trading risks apply.

When available, Dottabot places conditional stop limit orders. Stop limit orders are vulnerable to not being filled if the market moves sharply, lacks sufficient liquidity relative to trade size, or if the orders are improperly configured. Dottabot cannot and does not remove these risks.

Futhermore, on most exchanges, Dottabot must cancel existing orders before new orders can be placed. This means that there is a risk that the market will sharply move unfavorably between the time when the order is cancelled and a new order is placed, which can result in significant loss.

As with any software there is always risk of bugs or unintended behavior. For more information see our EULA.


What platforms does Dottabot run on?

Mac, Windows, and Linux are supported.

Does Dottabot run in the cloud?

It can, in a sense, but we do not run Dottabot for you.

Dottabot runs on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, which means it can run on your desktop or a cloud server if you wish.

What exchanges are supported?

Currently only Bittrex.

However, Binance is on the roadmap for early Q2 2018. We'll be adding more exchanges as well.

What base-pairs are supported?

Currently only BTC-base pair markets are supported. However, this is temporary. ETH, USDT, and USD-base pairs will be supported soon.

License and Subscriptions

How does the software license work?

Pre-paid. ERC-721, like crypto-kitties

Can my license be transferred?

The ERC-721 standard allows license tokens to be transferred.

Can I add time after my license has expired?


When I sign up, is my price "locked in"?

Subscriptions are pre-paid for a specific length of time. Due to cryptocurrency exchange-rate volatility we may adjust prices from time-to-time. Your renewals will always cost the latest price.

If you wish to 'lock in' your price, then subscribe for a longer period of time.

Privacy and Security

How are my API keys stored?

API keys are stored in your operating systems encrypted secure storage. E.g. Keychain on Mac or Credential Vault on Windows.

You control your API keys, and they are only stored on the computer where Dottabot is running.

What API permissions are required?

Dottabot places cryptocurrency trading orders. This means Dottabot needs the permission to:

  • View your balances
  • View your order history
  • Make trades for you

It does not need the permission for withdrawals.

Also, Dottabot does not share your balances nor order history with the developers or any third party.

Are my balances and trades kept private?

Absolutely. Dottabot does not share your balances, coins, nor trades, with any third party or the developers.

By it's nature, Dottabot must track these things and it stores them only on the computer where Dottabot is running.

Does Dottabot "phone home" with analytics?

No, though it does check for updates and validate license keys. Dottabot does not keep analytics to track your behavior. It does not report your portfolio, balances, or account information to any other services.

What services does Dottabot connect to?

Dottabot will connect to:

  • Exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, etc) - to fetch account information, balances, place trades, etc.
  • Telegram (if enabled) - to send notifications
  • Dottabot update server - to check for updates
  • An Ethereum blockchain server (e.g. Infura) - to validate licenses

Customer Service

Who is behind Dottabot?

Dottabot was created by Dotta (keybase)

Where can I get a license key?

Dottabot licenses are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, (similar to Cryptokitties).

See: How to Buy for detailed instructions on how to buy.

What are the conditions for the 30-day money back guarantee?

See: Money Back Guarantee for details.

Is this a subscription service?

Yes. The license subscription is paid ahead of time.

I have another question

There are inherent risks in cryptocurrency investing. You should not buy cryptocurrency unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested plus any commission or other transaction charges. Cryptocurrency is one of the riskiest investment forms possible.

Dotta LLC & co. do not bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this software, data, or website. The use of this software, this website, and related documentation are not financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.