Dottabot licenses are unique, limited supply tokens tracked by the Ethereum blockchain.

You may download the Dottabot app for free, but the core functionality requires that you hold a Dottabot license.

Dottabot licenses are purchased with Ethereum using MetaMask.

Follow these instructions to purchase a license to enable the core features of your Dottabot.

  1. Install MetaMask

    Install Metamask

    Install the MetaMask browser extension

    For more detailed instructions on how to install MetaMask, follow this CrypoCompare article

    Dottabot licenses cost ETH, so ensure your MetaMask wallet holds a balance.

  2. Download Dottabot

    Install Dottabot

    Download the Dottabot app and run it on your computer.

  3. Visit the “Pro” tab in the app

    Pro Page

    Click on the “Pro” tab and you’ll see your Dottabot ID.

    Dottabot ID

    Each Dottabot ID is unique so your ID value will be different than the image above.

    The Dottabot ID is your unique address and you will use this ID when checking out.

  4. Click the “subscribe” button in the app

    Click This Button To Subscribe

    This will bring you to the Dottabot website.

  5. Choose your plan

    Buy Now Buttons

    Actual prices may vary

    And click a “Buy Now” button

  6. Unlock Metamask (if needed)

    If you see the “Unlock Metamask” message, you need to unlock your Metamask wallet. (Unlocking your wallet does not submit a transaction. You not be charged and you will still have an opportunity to confirm the transaction).

    Unlock Metamask

    To unlock Metamask, click the Metamask “fox” icon in your browser and enter your Metamask password.

    Unlocking Metamask

  7. Select your subscription length

    Select subscription length

    Select the subscription length you wish to pay for.

    IMPORTANT: Double-check that the value of the Dottabot Address matches exactly with the value of your Dottabot address in the “Pro” tab, as seen in Step 3.

  8. Confirm the transaction in Metamask

    Confirm the transaction

    Metamask will show a pop-up window, asking if you wish to confirm the transaction. Review the settings and click “Submit” to submit the transaction to the Ethereum network.

  9. Wait. Do not close the browser window


    After submitting the transaction do not close your browser window. Please wait, this process can take several minutes. Click on the link to track the status of your transaction on the Ethereum network.

  10. Success!


    Once the transaction has finished processing, you should see a success message. Copy your order number and keep track of it. If you need support, you will share this number with us.

  11. Tokens appear in Dottabot

    Tokens in Dottabot

    Your tokens will automatically appear in Dottabot.

  12. Backup your keys

    Backup Private Key

    We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you backup the private keys in your Dottabot.

    To do this click the “Advanced” button and then click “Export Private Key”.

    This will save a file to your computer which you can use to recover your Dottabot license (or transfer it to a new machine).

    These files are private keys and must be kept secret. Do not share them with anyone. Dottabot support will never ask for these private keys.

  13. Congratulations!

    You now have a licensed Dottabot. You can start configuring it to watch your positions.

    If you have any questions, feel free to join the Telegram channel.

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